Chat Rules


There are some rules for Pakistani Chat Rooms Chatters, Admins and RJ’s as well. Please read carefully if you don’t want any unexpected moment.

Rules for Chatters

  • If you’re using such nick which is being or changing to guest automatically by our bot, it’s mean this nick name is already registered by some other Chat Room Please change your nick within five minutes if your nick has been changed into guest. For change nick type  “/nick newnick” For example “/nick ARxal” and hit enter.
  • Do not use CAPS (Capital Words). It will look like you’re screaming.
  • Send your song requests to current On air RJ PM (Private Message) by double clicking on his/her nick earlier, unless the ON-AIR RJ is taking live requests. Your live request can only be play if the RJ has the song.
  • Do not use utterance or post degrading comments and don’t insult any fellow chatter.
  • Please don’t post any other website URL on main chat and even in PM, If you do, you will be permanently banned by our very clever auto bots.
  • We have decent family girls in our Chat Room, So please think first before type.
  • Team Pakistani Chat Rooms can edit or change the rules anytime.


Rules for Admins

  • Well, the very first duty of every Admin is to make the environment of GSC Chat Portal decent.
  • Admins has the right to cancel such RJ’s shows which are coming late on each Show.
  • All Admins should to give maximum time to Chat Room.
  • No Fights, Personal attacks and grouping is allowed.
  • Admins should not leak the any issues and internal matters to others.
  • Admins should must add Pakistani Chat Rooms web URL to their Social profiles like Skype, Facebook etc. It’s a kind of promoting our network as you’re a part of our team.
  • Promotions are always available based on performance.
  • Admins should must help the new comers if they are facing any kind of issue.
  • Admins should help and sort out the technical issues if any RJ of Pakistani Chat Rooms is facing.
  • It’s responsibility of admins if any RJ is missing make sure to fill such slots.
  • Every Admin is responsible to promote every RJ on his/her social profiles.
  • Bad nicks will be banned after joining, In case anyone is using bad wording or annoying please mute such user for 1 minute by typing “!m nick”.
  • Please don’t use kick and ban on your personal misunderstandings. If any admin found kicking or banning chatters just for personal clashes, strict action will be taken against such admin.
  • If anyone is misbehaving or something like that please kick 2 times before ban and must warn by using “/kick nick warning here” Example “/kick Olaf Behave lady!” where “/kick” is the command “Olaf” is a nick and “Behave lady!” is the warn message.
  • If you want to know any command regarding to Chat Room please visit at out IRC Chat Commands.
  • Team Pakistani Chat Rooms can edit or change the rules anytime.


Rules for RJ’s

  • All respected RJ’s are responsible to do shows on time.
  • RJ’s are not allowed to take extra time if next RJ is present in the chat room.
  • Please inform to support team if you’re late or can’t able to do show.
  • RJ’s must should add Pakistani Chat Rooms web link to their social profiles like Facebook and Skype.
  • All RJ’s are requested to prepare themselves before to go On Air.
  • One RJ can do only one show in a day.
  • If any RJ comes late after 20 Minutes or more his/her show will be cancelled and if He/she do the same on each show He/she will be lost access.
  • RJ’s who will be missing in 3 shows continuously without informing us will be removed.
  • All RJ’s will must take part in the promotion of Pakistani Chat Rooms Web Radio.
  • All new and old RJ’s will give respect to their senior RJ’s and Administration staff.
  • We will not give any reminders to RJs; All the RJs are requested to follow the Rules in case of any negligence strict actions will be taken against them.
  • Team Pakistani Chat Rooms can edit or change the rules anytime.